All About Easter

So, the first-ever post started like this.

Jack: Why are we taking the parkway?
me: Because it’s Good Friday and there is hardly any traffic.
Jack: What’s Good Friday?
me: It’s a religious holiday that falls on the Friday before Easter.
Jack: They’re telling a lie because tomorrow is NOT Easter.
me: Well, Sunday is Easter, and tomorrow night is actually when the Easter Bunny comes to our house! (trying to change the topic…!)
Jack: The Easter Bunny comes tomorrow night? Yayyy! (pauses with frown). Wait, is Sunday the day that Grandpa Louie comes over to eat?
me: Yes, he comes over on Easter to eat dinner with us and Uncle John and —
Jack: (interrupting me) But do I get my Easter Basket BEFORE Grandpa comes over?
me: Yep. You’ll have the basket in the morning, before anyone comes over.
Jack: (Sticks his thumb back in his mouth and grunts his approval. Conversation is over.)

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