A Very Long Weekend

A house full of guests, tons of food, beautiful weather…all pulled together to make us one tired family! Jack crashed at 7:30pm, for so many reasons! Like 2 very long walks, a few hours of bike/scooter riding, a very big Easter dinner, lots of sugar, a hike in the woods, and of course opening all of the presents! He was in heaven, and now he’s hopefully having heavenly dreams.

One surprise visitor was Dennis’ grandfather, Adam. He’s 94 years old, still a pisser, and he’s totally crazy about Jack. He likes to revisit his war stories and we like to listen to them. 🙂

After eveyone left, I asked Jack what he liked best about the day, and he said “all of it!” The day was SO long, that Jack actually thought he got his Easter basket yesterday. How funny!

At one point I asked Dennis “What do you think it FEELS like to be 94?” Jack chimed in “Oh, it feels pretty much the same as you feel right now, except for your hair’s shorter and has more gray. Dad’s hair is already turning gray you know.”

I guess Dennis is on the fast track to being 94 in Jack’s eyes?

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