I couldn't possibly make this sh*t up.

2nd Day at the Cape

(5:05 a.m.)  (!!!)

Jack: Moommmmmaaaayyyyyy.
me: Oh noooo. (I stumble into Jack’s room) Hi sweetie, do you have to go pee?
Jack: Yeah, but then I would also like to stay awake. (gives me his most winning smile)
me: But it’s soooo early. You need lots of rest to be able to play on the beach today won’t you?
Jack: No. And even if you leave and go back to bed, I’m not even going to put my head down at all. I’m going to whistle. (starts a mindless tune)
me: You’re going to wake Daddy, Jack. We need to be quiet.
Jack: Okay, then let’s get up and go downstairs instead of all this talk! (he hops off the top bunk and races down the stairs)

Note: We did put him to bed at 7pm last night, but only because he was up at 5 a.m. yesterday morning too! He has been very excited to go on vacation. Today was all about wearing him out. Let’s hope it worked. 🙂 Hopefully he’ll sleep a little later, because tomorrow morning I have a date with 5 miles of beach road and a pair of running shoes!


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