I couldn't possibly make this sh*t up.

Extreme Weather

Jack has always been a bit afraid of thunder and lightning. Not deathly afraid, but always warily checking the sky when dark clouds roll in, and very quick to head into the house if it looks at all like a storm is on it’s way. Therefore it’s surprising that he remained so calm yesterday during our tornado watch. The high winds and possible tornado touch down (right across the street here!) didn’t seem to faze him (or Dennis for that matter). Hello! Tornado! Be appropriately fearful!

I came home from work only to find that our street had sustained some serious damage. It was blocked off by police caution tape and no one was getting in or out. Except me. I hoofed it down the street and up our driveway. Without my garage clicker (no power) and my door key (given to neighbor when they watched our cats during our trip to the Cape), I had no way to get in the house. I rang the doorbell, haha, remember, no power? And then pounded on the doors, and then stumbled around in the heat taking pictures of the damage. I really thought Dennis and Jack had been evacuated. Really I did.

Dennis: (finally coming out onto the deck looking a bit disheveled) What are you doing out in the driveway?
me: Gasp, pant, There you are! I had to walk like all the way from way over there because the police tape is up and they won’t let any cars in and the wires are down and did you see the trees??? And Jack’s picnic table was in the neighbor’s yard…Why didn’t you answer the phone and where were you!!!??? I thought you weren’t home. Why didn’t you answer your phone????
Dennis: We took a nap.
me: ?
Jack: I didn’t sleep.
Dennis: Really? I put you in there at 2:45 and now it’s 4:30.
Jack: Maybe I slept. Why are you all sweaty Mommy?
me: Because of the tornado!
Jack: Ohhhh, Daddy and I saw my picnic table go flying by. Well it wasn’t actually in the air but it went all the way up the driveway across the grass!
me: Aaaannnnd, that didn’t bother you at all?
Jack: And, we saw a cloud that was all twisty like a tornado up in the sky. (he made frantic swirly hand gestures here.)
Dennis: Yeah, we think we saw a funnel type cloud forming.
me: Sooo, you decided to nap. Upstairs. In a potential tornado.
Dennis: (shrugs) Eh.
Jack: We were really tired Mommy.


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