Long Weekend Blues

Blue because it’s just about over. This weekend felt extremely long for some reason! I mean, even with the extra day thrown in, it felt like it went on forever. I think that’s because we filled every second of our time with something. Even our leisure time (which we don’t get a lot of) was quality leisure, filled with homemade Pina Coladas and such! (Thanks Dennis). It was a mini vacation. Well, to those of us that didn’t spend a scorching day on the roof, cleaning the gutters. (Thanks again Dennis).

Jack had an action-packed, fun-filled, 3-day weekend, and hasn’t paused once! Friday was his day at Yankee Stadium with Daddy, then Saturday we went to the pool, the playground, the mall and arcade, and then today we took an early bike ride on the trail and THEN went to the water park with our friends for a picnic. After we got home, Jack was all set to play his new game “Cloudy with a chance of meatballs”, which he adapted from the book/movie. I think we would have ended up throwing plastic food at each other, but I’m not sure. Here are some photo highlights from the weekend, plus some sh*t that Jack said afterwards. 🙂

Jack: Mom, Mom! Let’s go do something!
me: But, we just got back from doing something. I need to rest!
Jack: This will be FUN! We’ll play Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs!
me: Okkkaaayyyy??? But don’t you want to rest for a bit? Maybe I can read to you or something?
Jack: Oh noooo, I’m changing into clean clothes, getting my fur on (Wall-E blanket) and I’m going into my bison pen (couch).
me: What does that have to do with meatballs?? (my phone rang and I went into the kitchen to answer it. When I came back into the living room, Dennis was hovering near Jack.)
Dennis: He’s out cold.
me: Ha ha, I knew it!
Jack: ZZZZZZZZZZZZZz-z-z-(snort).

Earlier today Jack asked me if I’ve ever snored and ended with a quack. What a strange question! So, now, after catching up on my blog reads, I guess I’d better go and wake the sleeping bison.

Oh, and P.S. to the one family member that actually reads this blog…I updated photos on some of the other posts. Go have a look around!

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