Jack’s stand-up routine

Last night I had to go back to Jack’s school to meet with his first grade teacher, and all the other parents of children in his class. Therefore I was tired when I got home, and frankly forgot to post anything. Buhhh???? This is almost as much of a habit as my workouts have become, so it’s hard to forget, and I miss it when I do.

I learned some funny things about Jack last night. Well, not that I learned anything really new, but just some surprising comments that helped me get a glimpse of my little guy as an independent person, well on his way to making a mark in this world. I can’t wait to see what he becomes.

His teacher said that Jack is a comedian and she loves to hear his stories because he is “just SO funny”. Of course I already new that. He cracks us up on a daily basis. One of the other moms said “Oh YOUR Jack is the one in Tae Kwon do. My daughter is always talking about him and I thought it was the OTHER Jack”. She laughed. “I hope it was all good.” I said. “Oh yes, he’s very entertaining in class and he spends a lot of time talking to her.” Nice to hear.

The bus driver also said “Jack’s the nicest kid on the bus. He always asks how my day was.” Huh? Heyyy not bad Jack! All those manners training sessions are paying off. On the other hand, Jack likes to talk (who’d he get THAT from?) and he likes to listen. Therefore he is probably genuinely interested in hearing about the bus driver’s day. Very cute. She says that Jack starts waving to me when they’re at the end of the street and doesn’t stop until the bus does. 🙂  He’s getting a good reputation as a sweetie. Ah if they only knew.

Jack: Knock Knock
me: Who’s there?
Jack: Canoe.
me: Canoe who?
Jack: Canoe come out and play? (he cracks himself up)

Jack: What did the shovel say to the pile of dirt?
me: What?
Jack: I dig you! Bahahahahahaaaahhh!

Jack: Knock Knock
me: Who’s there?
Jack: Impatient cow
me: Impatient c —

Jack: Why didn’t the skeleton go to the party?
me: Why?
Jack: Because he had no BODY to go with.

Jack: Why do bees buzz?
me: Why?
Jack: Because they’re terrible singers.

And so on and so forth. I hope he can hold on to that sense of humor long into his adult years. It’s something that can really get you through tough times. If you can’t laugh at a messed up situation, or yourself for that matter, what’s the point?

So, a skeleton walks into a bar and asks for a beer and a mop.

3 thoughts on “Jack’s stand-up routine”

  1. @Lucia: Um, that's the entire joke. Get it? The drink spills out on the floor cuz he's a skeleton? hee hee.@aims: Thank you! Jack's quite the ham and loves an audience. I am gonna tell him the good old Nacho cheese joke and I'm sure he'll add it to his repertoire! haha.


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