I couldn't possibly make this sh*t up.

What happened to this weekend??

Anyone else feel that it just flew by? I mean, we did cram a lot into the 2 days us mere working mortals are allowed to rest per week. Saturday: Beach, swimming lessons, Trader Joes, playdate with neighbors, 5th showing of Monsters vs. Aliens in our living room. Sunday: Big E, nephew’s football game, dinner out with family, long drive back from MA, bath for Jack then bed. Whew.

Almost didn’t have the energy to post. I’m on my netbook, in bed, and I hate posting like this because all of my photos are on my Mac. Grrr. I will add pics tomorrow. I sort of promise!


Okay, there were so many things that went on today, but nothing stands out for me as story-worthy. Jack and I were cracking up as we signed/spelled “shut up” to each other so that no one would know what we were saying, and also because he’s not allowed to say that out loud and he found the loophole by signing. What a character he is.

Jack: Let’s go over to the playground again!
me: But we’re here to see Jonathan play football and we haven’t even seen one play yet. Let’s watch just one.
Jack: BORRRR-inggggg…. (eye roll)
me: What if you were playing and no one wanted to watch you?
Jack: They’d watch because I’d be awesome!
me: (after I stopped laughing) Oh reallllyyyy??
Jack: Since you’re laughing does that mean we can go to the playground?
me: What does laughing have to do with it?
Jack: If I make you laugh, you usually give me what I want.
me: ??? (I’ll have to keep an eye on that. He may be on to something!)


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