I couldn't possibly make this sh*t up.

Singing on the potty and other randomness

That could be a good name for a band.

Jack is currently singing while he poops. He’s not very good. At either. Really it takes forever.
(oh, oops, hold on he’s done…I’ve been summoned to the throne)

Ah, false alarm. ANYway…where was I. Oh thanks to the 2 new followers! I’m really racking em up! My other family members followers must be so proud to be part of a crowd now!

Bella just slid off my desk and onto the floor bringing with her an entire month’s worth of Jack’s school papers. Really, I will file those.

Jack: Mom, why weren’t you at the busstop!

me: (after thanking our neighbor profusely for watching Jack for a few minutes) Oh I’m so sorry! The bus was early and I tried to do one more thing before I ran down the driveway.

Jack: You always have to do one more thing. That’s what Daddy says.

me: Well…sorry. How was your day?

Jack: Great! I got Ready-To-Learn and I told the teacher that I won’t be in school on Monday. (we’re going to the Cape for a long weekend!)

me: You know, I won’t ever miss the bus again. Sorry.

Jack: Yeah, I know, stop saying sorry. I didn’t mind.

me: Hm. I hope you would mind.

Jack: Nah, if you’re not there I can decide what to do and not have to listen to anyone.

me: uh. no.

He really thinks I’m going to just leave him to get off the bus and then let him go…where? Hang out at the neighbors? Maybe watch a little TV and eat dinner? He really forgets he’s only 5.

Oh, the master is done on the throne now. Soon I won’t have to check everything for him when he’s done, like toothbrushing and bum wiping. Some day!


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