Up a little early?

Jack woke up at 5am. He had to use the bathroom and I helped him. It was still pitch black out. I put him back to bed and staggered back to my own bed and dropped off to sleep. A few minutes later…

Jack: (via the monitor) La la la, do do doooooo.

me: (is that singing? what is going on?) Den, I think Jack is up… (silence from him)

Jack: (large crash and stuff moving) You guys watch out! Brrrrmmmm!!!

me: (heading upstairs) Jack what’s going on? Why is your light on? Wha…?

Jack: I’m not tired. I’m playing!

me: (turning the light off) No. It’s the middle of the night. You’re going back to bed.

Jack: It is? But I’m not tired.

me: That happens sometimes when you wake up to go to the bathroom. There are still hours left for you to sleep.

Jack: Hours? (yawwwnnn)

me: Yep. Come on bison. Get back into your fur.

Jack: Oh, yeah I am tired now I think. But I’m cold.

me: (wrapping him up in 2 blankets) Now you’re a big tired dirty fluffy bison.

Jack: When you leave I’m going to get up and turn the light back on.

me: No you’re not.

He never moved after that. Out cold. Slept until 8am. That NEVER happens. Boy did I need that extra sleep. Now tonight, of course, Jack fell asleep in the car at 6:45pm. We carried him up to bed and there he sleeps. I can only guess how early he’ll be up tomorrow!

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