Drawing time

Jack and I sat down to do some sketching tonight. He suggested it. I went and got out my pencil kit. Of course Jack was intrigued. He has a #2 and I have 2H, 2B, HB and on and on.

Jack: What are all those letters for?

me: They tell you how hard the lead is.

Jack: Why?

me: Because the harder leads are less smudgey…see? (I drew a line and wiped my finger on it.)

Jack: Cool! Can I try? Let me start with 5B.

me: That’s a very soft and black smudgey one.

Jack: What did you draw in art class?

me: (I grab an apple from the fruit bowl and plunk it down) This.

Jack: I’m not hungry.

me: No, we drew fruit.

Jack: Okay, let me try. (he struggles for awhile trying to make a circle)

me: It takes a bit of practice.

Jack: UGH! I don’t want to draw an apple. Can I draw whatever I want?

me: Of course…

Jack: Okay, girl with pigtails coming up. Here’s her head…

me: Nice. Check out my paper.

Jack: Awww you’re such a good drawer.

me: Thanks.

Jack: Can you by me a pencil set like this? I want 3B and 2H pencils.

me: When you’re older.

Jack: Yeah yeah, there’s lots to do when I’m older. (BIG sigh…)

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