Gadget Crazy

Everyone in this house that is. Well mostly Dennis. Then Jack. Then me.

Possibly the cats.


Jack has loved gadgets since he was old enough to grasp anything. Oh NOOOOO he did not want toy remote controls or toy cell phones. It had to be the real deal or he would toss it away. These days he sets up his own movies in the DVD, works out the 2 remotes to get the TV and DVD going…he can get on my computer into Firefox and find all his websites. He created a shortcut for pbskids.com for Pete’s sake!!!!!! All monitored for time of course.

Now with the new phone I have, Jack can play a few games I downloaded for him. He’s loving life. He also started in on Sonicgames.com, and plays the old fave Sonic that Dennis and I used to play. Too funny. Jack is quickly becoming an addict. Gee I wonder where he gets that from??? Daddy? Yes. Uncle Jeff?? Yes… Cousin Joey? YES. It’s in the blood.

me: You have one more minute to play Sonic. Then it’s off.

Jack: grunt.

me: Do you hear me?

Jack: Yea…OH Come ON, the stupid SORRY thing won’t let me jump!

me: Anyway, one minute.

Jack: Can you HELP!!!???

me: Here let me see. Jack you’re going backwards, that’s why. You have to go left to right. You’re trying to go up that ramp that you just fell down. Go the other way.

Jack: Thanks…(more grunting)

me: (a minute later) Okay, times up. Turn it off please.

Jack: Okay. (keeps playing)

me: Now.

Jack: I just have to …ugh…get over to this other level…

me: NOW please…

Jack: (panic) I’m almost to the level!!!!

me: Hit Firefox and quit now.

Jack: NOOOO! Can’t I just…

me: (reaching over his head to quit the browser)

Jack: But SAVE this, then I’ll have to go back and do it all over again!

me: You have time. You’re 5.

Jack: But I already did the work.

me: You’ll be faster at it next time.

(next morning at 6:30 a.m.)

Jack: Good morning Mommy, so okay can I go back on and play Sonic?

me: Grunt…(oh no… how many more years of this do I have to look forward to??)

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