A day behind

So it seems that I’ve been a day behind on everything this week. Like, on Monday I thought it was Tuesday. Weird. On Tuesday I kept thinking it was Thursday. And today I thought it was Friday. I know i forgot to post at least once this week and then I posted something and forgot to upload it. I don’t know what’s going on. The cold weather making my blood thick or something? All I know is I needed the 10.5 hours of sleep I got last night. Ahhhh. Almost as much sleep as a 5-year old in this house gets.


Jack: Mommmyyyy!!! (calling from bed)

me: (doing my half-asleep dash up the stairs) Good morning Jack…how did you sleep?

Jack: Yeah good. Hey can I play Sonic? I got to level 4!!! (he’s so blunt)

me: Um…listen, we can have breakfast first. Then you need to get dressed AND brush your teeth, and if you are good for all of that, we may have 5 minutes for Sonic… (I see he’s about to argue) AND no arguing or it’s no game. Yawwwwnnn…

Jack: Sigh…okay…Is breakfast ready yet?

me: Really?

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