I couldn't possibly make this sh*t up.

Mall Trip

Dennis is out at his work party. Notice I said out. As in “not at work”. Sighhh. Our work party is at work. SIGHH.

Anyway, therefore Jack and I decided to go to the mall to eat and have some fun. By fun I mean picking up my Christmas cards, a 2nd time, returning a hair dryer and getting a little shopping done. A certain 5-year-old did not agree about my definition of fun. He preferred the play area. He’s really too big to go in there, but who’s stopping me?

We ate at Panera Bread. Yummmm. Breaddddddd. And then shopped til we dropped.

me: So Jack… was the best part about your day today… (I was assuming I would get a school story)

Jack: Spending time with you!

me: Awwww, you are too sweet.

Jack: I’m having so much fun Mommy.

me: Well what was the worst thing that happened today. Something that you wish wouldn’t happen again.

Jack: Getting in trouble at school.

me: Uh oh…

Jack: Well it wasn’t in TROUBLE really, but I talked back and had to move my clip down to Think About it. But then I got to move it back to Ready To Learn.

me: Okay, sounds good.

Jack: Does that mean I can play Sonic when I get home?

me: Sigh…. (one track mind)

Anyway we stayed out way past Jack’s bedtime. Didn’t even realize it! And then he crashed on the way home. I tucked him in and he had me rub his back until he fell asleep. It was a fun night.

And regarding that Sonic game, have any of you ever seen this? It’s a kids game for pete’s sake. This pissed me off. Jack won’t be playing this game again online…


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