Chronicles of Narnia

Jack and I have been reading “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe” for a few weeks now. We read a few pages or a half of a chapter per night. Jack is really into it and he follows along with serious focus. At the end of each chapter we talk about Aslan, the Beavers, and the 4 kids…Susan is his favorite… “She’s so cute, Mom.” Yes, he wants to marry her too. Maybe plural wives are in his future…sigh…

Jack: Mom, why did Peter get a sword from Aslan?

me: I think he’s gonna have to fight someone…to protect his brothers and sisters.

Jack: Yeah I guess so since the next chapter’s called “Peter’s first battle”.

me: That would be the big clue, yes.

But even though the book is pretty tame as far as violence and scary imagery goes, there is one scene that I sort of changed the wording of as I read it. The witch was going to cut Edmund’s throat, so I was like “she pulled his hair back and…it hurt…” Luckily Jack wasn’t reading along with me at that point. I think he’d really like to see the movie, but I’d be worried about that scene. Anybody see it? How bad was it really?

When Jack went to bed finally, he called me back into the room for one last thing. I mean 2…

Jack: Mom, 2 things…

me: Yessss?

Jack: First thing. I’m sorry. Because I didn’t want to be mean to you before.

me: Thank you. That’s a nice thing to say.

Jack: And the second thing. I want to be a minotaur tonight.

me: Ha. That’s funny. But in the book they have centaurs, not minotaurs.

Jack: Mom, just because we’re reading a book about something it doesn’t mean I have to be something from that book you know.

me: Is that the 3rd thing you want to tell me?

Jack: No. What are you talking about?

me: Never mind, good night minotaur.

Jack: Grrrrrrrrrr!!!

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