3 days and counting

Not til Christmas. I’m talking 3 days of good behavior at school…and counting! We’ve taken away video games, computer time, removed all treats and special privileges, but nothing seemed to work. Jack was getting some very bad reports from school. Then we threatened with his yellow belt test.

me: I’m sorry Jack, if you don’t behave at school this ENTIRE week, you won’t get this red tape (that parents give to their child for good behavior at home) and you won’t test for your yellow belt. I’ll also tell your master what you’ve been doing.

Jack: No No NOOOOOO, I’ll be good, I promise! Think of anything you want me to do and I’ll do it. Just think! I need a second chance!!!

me: Bring back spectacular reports from school, have excellent behavior on the bus, and don’t even think of stepping out of line once for me and Daddy. That’s what you need to do. Listen the FIRST time, and NO talking back at all. Clear?

Jack: Yeahhh…

This was our talk over the weekend. Jack had another massive growth spurt and was eating 3 breakfasts again and then full meals at snack time. Amazing. But his behavior is like totally wicked during these times. Exhausting. But, a light has appeared at the end of the tunnel. Jack received some amazing reports these past 3 days, and I was able to give him his red tape. He’ll take the yellow belt test tomorrow.

Jack: Today at school, someone said they would punch me in the nose and then they got in trouble.

me: What did you do?

Jack: I told the teacher.

me: Good. I’m glad you didn’t do or say anything back. That way you’ll stay out of trouble.

Jack: And then yesterday someone kicked me right in the butt, very hard!

me: Oh no! And what happened? You didn’t tell me that.

Jack: Yeah I forgot. But they went directly to the principal’s office. Ha!

me: So you see how it works now? If you hit back, you always seem to be the one to get in trouble.

Jack: Well, that doesn’t always work. Because todayyyyy, you know who said he was going to hit me. I told the teacher and we BOTH got in trouble.

me: Now how is that possible if you didn’t do anything?

Jack: Oh, I got in trouble because I was running down the hall. It wasn’t for that other thing.

me: Sigh.

I have many long years ahead of me. I better get used to it.

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