I couldn't possibly make this sh*t up.

The aftermath…

Wrapping paper scraps stuck to socks, pine needles in the kitchen sink, chocolate crumbs on the counter, floor and dining room table, no less than 12 stockings for 3 people and two cats, rolled up bag of potato chips on the couch, fingernails all dented and broken from ripping open impossible packaging and untwining various materials to release a yellow mustang, play-doh mega factory, remote controlled helicopter, star wars laptop, battery package, and a tri-chocolate cake that came in a box.

This is what I see around me. What do you see around you right now? It can’t possibly be neat and orderly, can it?

me: Jack, let’s move some of your stuff back under the tree to get it out of the way. I keep stepping on stuff.

Jack: No, all my stuff has to go over here together. (right in the middle of the hall)

me: How does that help anything?

Jack: It’s where I opened it all. They can all be together!

me: Your presents are friends with each other?

Jack: Oh, I forgot this one. Here you go, back with your friends…

me: Okay, I guess that answers my question.

May all of your Christmases be lacking in reason, be abundant in discarded wrapping materials, and be steeped in bronchial spasms, much like mine is! 🙂


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