Last day of vacay (and t-minus 23 days and counting til the new blog!)

Now, some of you said you’d follow me. You promised. We’ll be moving to Sh*t my 6-year-old says on January 26, 2011! If you don’t find us here, you’ll have to go looking over there. 🙂 Which reminds me that I have to design a new header for that blog! Never enough time in the day, eh?

Jack is upstairs still worrying about school tomorrow. He gets angsty at the end of a weekend, nevermind an extended winter vacation! Mondays are always rough for him. I hope he has a great (read: nothing happens!) day.

Jack: Ohhhh, tomorrow is school and I HATE school because I’m learning the same stuff over and over and I already know everything.

me: Okaayyyy… Well then you’ll have to be a detective and see if you can find the one little thing that you learn tomorrow that is new. Can you be an excellent detective?

Jack: That’s boring. I want to be in college.

me: You kind of have to finish first grade first before they let you into college.

Jack: No, I want to pretend that I’m in college now.

me: Ok, that’s even better. When you’re in college you have great manners, you sit quietly when the teacher is teaching and you act VERY mature.

Jack: I can do that, it’s easy.

me: Hmmm. Do you really think so? And can you see if there is anything new you learn tomorrow? You can let me know okay?

Jack: Of course. It’s so easy. I know everything already so that if something new happens I’ll notice it right away.

me: Good. Report back to me at the end of the day.

Jack: Are you in college too?

me: Do you want me to be?

Jack: Yes, or else I won’t have anyone to teach the new stuff to.

me: Oh.

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