Just a Tuesday…(t-minus 22 days til the new blog!)

Eh, if I get the math wrong on that, don’t hate. It’s happening on the 26th of this month. Day AFTER the big birthday on the 25th. Are we straight?

Today is Tuesday. Nothing much happens on Tuesdays. We had Jack’s friend Gavin over for a brief play date. That always keeps things interesting. There was more of this, and a little of that happening in all rooms of my house, while Gavin’s mom and I tried to talk in the kitchen.

But waiting for them to arrive was like being in an Israeli torture camp.

Jack: When are they going to BE here!

me: Jack, his bus doesn’t even drop him off for 15 more minutes.

Jack: It’s going to drop him off here??

me: Uh, no, at his house. Then…

Jack: (interrupts) AW then they have to drive all the way here??

me: They can’t fly can they?

Jack: (gives me an icy look) Can’t you call them?

me: Let me see if she texted me. (read read read) She said they’re on the way.

Jack: What street did she say they’re on?

me: She didn’t. Honey you have to be patient. He’ll be here in a few minutes. Why don’t you get your homework sheet out of the way first.


me: Don’t shout. He’s not here YET!

Jack: I’ll do it later. (looks at the clock). Where are they NOW??

me: Sweetie, calm down, okay. Let’s have a quick snack and then they’ll be here.

Jack: (starts to eat some cookies and milk, when he hears a car door) WOOOO they’re here! (his plate flips up spraying crumbs everywhere)

Gavin flings the door open, which is broken so it just sort of slammed against the house outside. His entrances are always Kramer-like from Seinfeld. They say hi, exchange some Christmas gifts, fling them on the floor and tear off to destroy literally 4 rooms in the house. Ah, boys. Can’t live without em…

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