Comfortably Numb (and also: 20 days til new blog!)

That describes how I feel right about now. Not the 20 days part. Har har. I had bootcamp yesterday…TKD last night…TKD tonight…and bootcamp again tomorrow. Yeesh. I could just sit and stare for hours and be perfectly fine. Was sick for awhile and (oh crap hold on while I go take my antibiotic!)…okay then, I’m back. So…what…? Yeah I’m just numb, but in a good way I think.

Jack has been a little off also this week. Yesterday he went to school with his pants on backwards. None of us noticed it until after he got home. Oh we cracked up at that. Then, Jack got ready for bed and came down with his shirt on backwards. I mean really. He hasn’t done that since he was 2. He has also been very very sleepy lately. And, ironically, not hungry, which would indicate yet another growth spurt and bout of evil manners.

So, somethings brewing. Jack was sick also, but his just lingered and lingered until we took it for granted and stopped paying attention to all the green snot. When he blew his nose and nothing came out, it was THEN that I was worried. I was so used to the snot.

me: Jack blow your nose.

Jack: I don’t have to.

me: (absently, as I did something else) Yeah you do, here…blow. (I held the tissue out randomly towards his nose, on autopilot)

Jack: Really I don’t!

me: Blow.

Jack: (blows his nose, but only air comes out)

me: Gasp! Are you okay. Maybe blow harder? (I feel his forehead)

Jack: There’s nothing in there Mom.

me: Hmm, that’s so weird. You always have stuff in there. (It’s been a month of boogers, really. I kind of miss them now)

Jack: Just because you have a little stuffy nose you don’t have to take it out on me you know!

me: Nice.

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