You can try to not be so rude tomorrow (19 days til new blog!)

So yeah, again I must remind you, we’re switching it up to some 6-year-old sh*t on Jan. 26. I do hope you will follow me over to our new home. Please watch your step!

Jack and I had a good day, playing, watching some videos, playing some more, eating, putting on a fake concert complete with indoor bus ride to the show. It was that kind of day. We were in good spirits. Towards the end of the night it sort of fell apart. Jack got mouthy and there were threats when he wouldn’t turn off his video when I said. So we headed up to bed with a few whines, tears and snotty huffs. Those were all him by the way.

me: (tucking him in) Goodnight Jack. We have two more days left to play!

Jack: Goodnight.

And as usual, I’m at the door and we exchange “I love you’s” and some loud kissing noises. And a few meows for Stripey.

Jack: Oh…

me: What?

Jack: And you can try not to be so rude tomorrow!

Not much I can say to that. I shut the door and laugh as I tell Dennis the latest news from our little darling boy. 🙂

And… here are a few shots from the previous snow storm…I’m so behind in photo posting!



After! Damn thing hit me right in my ear!

2 thoughts on “You can try to not be so rude tomorrow (19 days til new blog!)”

  1. I stumbled upon your blog through Picket Fence Blogs, and it is the cutest and funniest blog ever. Hope you don't mind me, a total stranger following. I am a stay at home mother of three, and I have a four year old boy so I totally relate. So funny and so heartwarming. Lindsayclearancerackhero.blogspot.com


  2. Hi Lindsay. Lover a new follower of course! Thank you. Boys are amazing aren't they? 🙂 If you want to see what a 6-year-old is up to, please follow me when I move to shitmy6yearoldsays.blogspot.com, on Jan 26. Of course my blog titles forces me to move every year! Grrrr…


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