Total Destruction! New Follower! 18 days til my little sh*t turns 6!

See? A lot can happen in one day. First a shout to my new follower, Lindsay, who single handedly rounded out my follower squares! I love nice even numbers!

Second, we had a nice juicy snow storm yesterday, leaving us with ( I love to round up ) about 2 feet of snow. Please correct me. Was it 18 inches? Not sure but it was deep. We had a ton of fun, cold fun that is, making and throwing snowballs with Jack’s snowball maker. We also (okay it was Uncle John) made a snow block wall to house our snowball fight. That never really happened, so we then sledded for a bit until Jack got bossy. What? Jack bossy? Neverrrrrrrr… He had to be “asked” to go and have some alone time. It’s probably a combo of having his favorite Uncle over to play, us not giving him as much attention as we should, and what…it’s a Saturday night? Poor Jack. He had quite a few time outs for back talk. Very sassy he is when Uncle is around!

I went up to his room to see what he was doing. I thought he was playing video games with Dennis and John, but they pointed up the stairs…

me: Hey Jack, whatcha doin?

Jack: (clipping together some magnetic blocks that he has) I’m making total destruction.

me: Oh. Do you know what that is?

Jack: It’s when everything is destroyed.

me: (damned if his little structure didn’t resemble a mushroom cloud) What do you want to destroy?

Jack: Everything. Maybe furniture.

me: That doesn’t sound very nice does it?

Jack; That’s why it’s called Total Destruction.

Should I be worried? Call someone? Jack proceeded to bring his “structure” downstairs and place it on the couch behind aforementioned gamers. Hmmm…

1 thought on “Total Destruction! New Follower! 18 days til my little sh*t turns 6!”

  1. Mine loves to build too. I recall the time he came running out with a “Lego Bathroom” not like a bathroom in someone’s home, but a public restroom! It had 2 urinals!!
    He insisted I take pictures.


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