Au Contraire Mon Frere (17 days til the move!)

Though he’s my son, not my frere…but he’s Soooo Contrary! It’s like no matter what I say, he says NO without even thinking about it. Don’t you hate that??? It’s maddening I tell you!

me: Jack, here are your clothes to change into (he was just outside and came in all wet from the snow)

Jack: I’m not wearing THAT shirt!

me: It’s the one you had on before… what’s the problem now?

Jack: It’s a SCHOOL shirt (he rips the shirt out of my hand and heads upstairs)

me: Yeah, come on back down and have a seat. 5 minutes. We don’t rip things out of Mommy’s hand and act all rude.

Jack: Sigh…

(5 minutes later)

me: You can go get a new shirt if you don’t like that one.

Jack: That’s what I was doing.

me: (determined to have the last word) Then you should be all set.

Jack: I know!

me: Good, hurry up then. (ha)

He comes back down all dressed. Doesn’t look much different than what I had picked for him, but the difference is HE picked it.

me: Do you want to play your new game with me and Daddy?

Jack: You guys can play, I’ll just watch.

me: Well it will be more fun if you play too…

Jack: No! You two play and I’ll watch!

me: We’re not playing unless we all play. We’ll find something we can all do together. Let’s go use your new bumper car remotes.

Jack: Let’s play up here

me: You know I don’t want them smashing the walls up here, so we keep them downstairs.

Jack: No! I want them up here!

me: We go downstairs or we don’t play.

Jack: Fine, whatever… (another time out for being rude)

me: Ready to go play?

Jack: Okay, I’ll play with Daddy… (There are only 2 cars…)

me: Good, I’ll play on the scooter while you guys play cars.

Jack: I want to go on the scooter!

me: But you’re playing cars with Daddy…

Jack: But I really want to play on the scooter…

me: Sigh…

How much can one person take. I almost want to give an instant time out for the word NO. It’s really all he says. Do you want this for a snack? No. Do you want to go to the store? No. Can you set the table? In a minute… Grrrrrrrr!

We’ve started instant time outs for rudeness and non-compliance. No more warnings. He’s old enough to know what to do and say without a warning. Sorry Jack, it’s actually our way or the highway! 🙂

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