I couldn't possibly make this sh*t up.

Stuck at home.

Really stuck. Over 2 feet of snow came down. We have not yet been plowed out of our own driveway. I tried to shovel. Hahahahahahaaaaaaa. No. Not happening. We have a VERY long, VERY steep driveway. Just not happening. So we were stuck inside 90% of the day. In the morning, Jack helped put away the silverware from the dishwasher…

Jack: Why are you letting me put away the sharpest of knives???

me: Just point them away from you.

Jack: Instead of sticking them in my arm??

me: Yeah.

We finished up and I took a good look at him. Wearing mis-matched clothes, hair sticking up like a punk rocker.

me: Jack, what’s with that hair-do?

Jack: Who knows. I think Daddy gave me a bad hairbrush last night. He’s a weirdo.

We played so many games I can’t even keep track. Jack still sometimes has a 5-minute attention span. We did spin art. You put the little disc of paper in the round tray and push down on the spinner. Then you drip the paint onto the paper and make designs as it spins. He made one picture and then said that’s it! We started cleaning up when he pulled out the aqua sand. Cool stuff. You get a clear bucket of water and put this sand stuff in it. It acts like play-doh under water and you can squish it and build things. As soon as you lift it out, it turns back into totally dry sand. That also lasted 5 minutes. Takes longer to clean this up. We played Star Wars, of course, then we played a small board game that came in one of Jack’s magazines.

Jack: Are you ready to play, Missezzzzz?

me: Why are you calling me that?

Jack: That’s your name. Mrs.

me: Sigh. Let’s play.

Jack: (in a deep voice) One will stand, one will FALL!!!

me: We’re playing a game about finding a dog’s socks. Is it really that dramatic?

Jack: Just shush and play, Missezzzz….

Now he’s taking a bath. Dennis is helping. I’m sitting in bed typing. Ahhhh.

Jack: Is it time to get out??

Dennis: Let me check the time…(he comes out and sees me) Oh look at you enjoying life out here. Jack, time to get out.

Jack: Can we have dessert?

Dennis: What do you think, this is a hotel?

Jack: Of course it is. It’s run by Mrs. Mommy!

me: Sigh.

(I can still hear them talking)

Jack: What does FDA stand for?

Dennis: Food and Drug Administration.

Jack: Nope. It’s the Fart Detection Agency.

Dennis: Huh? Ew, Jack what did you do!??? Gross!

Jack: hahahahahahaha


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