Planet 51 (3 more days til we move to wordpress and they’ll have to deal with my sh*t!)

Yeah, I’ve made up my mind on that one. It’s obviously not as “simple” as blogger, but it’s very intuitive and a whole lot more user friendly when you are a control freak. I can control, like, EVERYTHING! So I’m feeling pretty good. 2010 = my switch from Quark to InDesign (haha you thought that would NEVER happen) and 2011 = my switch from Blogger to WP.

Today was a stay at home day. We didn’t even get out of PJ’s. Well, I did change to running gear for the treadmill, but then back to PJ’s. We watched a few snippets of movies that we hadn’t finished (Fly me to the moon, Alpha & Omega) and then started Planet 51. I told Jack we could only watch 10 minutes because it was close to bed time. When will I ever learn? Maybe when he’s 6.

me: Okay, 2 minutes left and then we shut it off.

Jack: mhmmm…

me: Did you hear me? 2 minutes.

Jack: yeah…. (eyes never leaving the screen)

me: (2 minutes later) Okay, I’m pausing it…

Jack: But NOOOO I just want to see that guys face when he turns around!

me: (stupidly hit play again) Ok. Oh, they’re not showing it now sorry…

Jack: WAIT! I just want to see…

me: (PAUSE!) Sorry, we’re done.

Jack: That’s fine, I’ll just skip school and watch it all tomorrow anyway. Hmmmphffff.

me: Excuse me???

Jack: I said HMMMPHHHH.

me: No more videos in the hour before bed. New rule.

Jack: Yeah yeah, add it to the list.

me: Try that one again please…

Jack: Sorry…Sigh.

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