All settled in

I imported all of my posts from Blogger, because it’s all nice and tidy that way having everything in one spot. HowEVER my blog over here says some weird things like “This is the last post ever…” etc. I hope you will understand that I’m blogging from here now and not back over THERE. You’ll figure it out. I have faith in you.

me: Jack let’s do your homework now and get it over with.

Jack: But it’s snowing out!

me: Annnd?

Jack: I never do homework when it’s snowing because we might not have school tomorrow. Plus, I always do it AFTER dinner.

me: Now please!

Jack: Awwwww! (starts scribbling out math problems) Hey, what’s 9 + 7?

me: I’m not giving you the answers.

Jack: No, that’s not my homework, I’m just curious. (I check his paper to make sure…)

me: It’s 17…

Jack: (a minute later) What’s 9 + 9?

me: 18…? What’s going on?

Jack: Nothing.

me: Hey! Your math question was 9 + 8, so why are you asking me 9 + 9?

Jack: Cuz then I just subtract one from your answer and I have MY answer.

me: You little stinker!


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