Could there BE any more snow?

Well yeah. But I’m going to put up some pics from the last storm and then this storm. Hahahahahaaa, we had no idea what we were in for. I have icicles hanging off my roof that could impale a car or a very large…person…or dog? BIG. Jack fell down in the snow and we couldn’t see him for a minute. The front yard has snow up to my armpits. And I’m tall.

Jack: Can we please have our snowball fight?

me: How’s it gonna work?

Jack: You make your base and I’ll make my base. (I love the “base” word. Universal.)

me: But you have the snowball maker again. Do I have to use my hands? (gasp)

Jack: Duhhhhh!

me: Okay here we go! (I whip a snowball). I think our bases are too far apart. I can’t even reach you.

Jack: Throw harder. And prepare to die.

me: Is that how you talk to your mother?

Jack: (whips a snowball and hits me in the stomach) Direct hit!!!!!!

me: OW! (I pretend to stagger around)

Jack: Did it really hurt?

me: Yeah.

Jack: Really?? I throw that hard??? (he’s amazed with himself)

me: See? Those vegetables are working. Broccoli especially.

Jack: Wowwww.

Later on with his snack, Jack inhaled a huge bowl of leftover steamed broccoli. I think I’m on to something!

Now check out these photos.

Snow Height after last storm
Snow height after yesterday's storm. Check out the birdfeeder.
Jack on top of our HUGE pile of snow!

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