The Many Moods of Jack – Volume 4

Today was a mood swing kinda day. Actually the week, well the year, has been like that. For some reason I just noticed it more today. This felt like it did when Jack was younger. Always around the birthday, we have trouble.

7:30am – Happy

Jack: Mom, there IS school today! I checked the computer…it’s 1/28 today, right? (we have been having SO many days off from school due to snow)

me: Okay thanks for checking.

Jack: Can I go on the computer until you get up and get breakfast?

me: Absolutely…because you asked very nicely and you’re being sweet.

Jack: Thanks!


7:45am – Great Attitude

me: Times up. Come on out and have breakfast.

Jack: Okay!

me: (huh?) Wow Jack, you get to put a sticker up on your reward chart for listening the first time.


8:05am – Cranky

me: Let’s go brush our teeth and…

Jack: You’re not listening to ME!!!

me: What? You  weren’t even talking.

Jack: I’m NOT brushing now and I’m not going to school so that’s FINE. HA HA!

me: (I hold up one finger which means listen the first time AND part of the warning 1-2-3)

Jack: Fine, I’ll go brush. (stomps off)


7:30pm – Happy

Jack: Look Mom, I almost read all of this book. It’s sooo good! It’s about them catching these bad guys and they have a donut maker and look at this excellent picture!

me: Awesome! I’m glad you like it. Let’s head upstairs to get ready for bed.

Jack: Okay! (reads while walking SLOWLY up the stairs)


7:45pm – Excited

Jack: Mom, I just remembered something! You said when I’m 6 I can sleep on the top bunk. Can I sleep up there tonight?

me: You’re right. Want me to move all your stuff up on top? (stuffed friends, tissue box, special pillow and blanket)

Jack: Yay!

Dennis: Don’t climb up and down like that. Turn around and climb the right way before you fall and break your head.

Jack: Oh.


8:05pm — Cranky

me: All comfy up there?

Jack: Ummm I don’t really like it up here. Can I move back down? It’s not the same feeling and the ceiling’s too close.

me: Okay, sure, come on down carefully.

Jack: Now who’s gonna sleep with me tonight?

me: You mean your friends right here?

Jack: NO. Someone ALIVE! Like you or Daddy!

me: Jack we’re not sleeping with you.

Jack: (starts to cry) But you didn’t even ask Daddy!!! Waaaahhhhhh!

me: But we never sleep with you sweetie…

Jack: Well you should! Waaaahhhhhhh!

me: Oh boy.

Dennis ended up going in there and falling asleep with Jack for about 20 minutes. I wonder what brought that on? Whenever we have a birthday going on, Jack gets very moody. It’s been without fail since his first birthday. He cried the whole time and then I accidentally snapped the birthday hat under his chin and made him cry. Wait a minute…are you saying this is MY fault? I hadn’t thought of that. Oh boy.

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