I couldn't possibly make this sh*t up.

The Many Moods of Jack – Volume 4

Today was a mood swing kinda day. Actually the week, well the year, has been like that. For some reason I just noticed it more today. This felt like it did when Jack was younger. Always around the birthday, we have trouble.

7:30am – Happy

Jack: Mom, there IS school today! I checked the computer…it’s 1/28 today, right? (we have been having SO many days off from school due to snow)

me: Okay thanks for checking.

Jack: Can I go on the computer until you get up and get breakfast?

me: Absolutely…because you asked very nicely and you’re being sweet.

Jack: Thanks!


7:45am – Great Attitude

me: Times up. Come on out and have breakfast.

Jack: Okay!

me: (huh?) Wow Jack, you get to put a sticker up on your reward chart for listening the first time.


8:05am – Cranky

me: Let’s go brush our teeth and…

Jack: You’re not listening to ME!!!

me: What? You  weren’t even talking.

Jack: I’m NOT brushing now and I’m not going to school so that’s FINE. HA HA!

me: (I hold up one finger which means listen the first time AND part of the warning 1-2-3)

Jack: Fine, I’ll go brush. (stomps off)


7:30pm – Happy

Jack: Look Mom, I almost read all of this book. It’s sooo good! It’s about them catching these bad guys and they have a donut maker and look at this excellent picture!

me: Awesome! I’m glad you like it. Let’s head upstairs to get ready for bed.

Jack: Okay! (reads while walking SLOWLY up the stairs)


7:45pm – Excited

Jack: Mom, I just remembered something! You said when I’m 6 I can sleep on the top bunk. Can I sleep up there tonight?

me: You’re right. Want me to move all your stuff up on top? (stuffed friends, tissue box, special pillow and blanket)

Jack: Yay!

Dennis: Don’t climb up and down like that. Turn around and climb the right way before you fall and break your head.

Jack: Oh.


8:05pm — Cranky

me: All comfy up there?

Jack: Ummm I don’t really like it up here. Can I move back down? It’s not the same feeling and the ceiling’s too close.

me: Okay, sure, come on down carefully.

Jack: Now who’s gonna sleep with me tonight?

me: You mean your friends right here?

Jack: NO. Someone ALIVE! Like you or Daddy!

me: Jack we’re not sleeping with you.

Jack: (starts to cry) But you didn’t even ask Daddy!!! Waaaahhhhhh!

me: But we never sleep with you sweetie…

Jack: Well you should! Waaaahhhhhhh!

me: Oh boy.

Dennis ended up going in there and falling asleep with Jack for about 20 minutes. I wonder what brought that on? Whenever we have a birthday going on, Jack gets very moody. It’s been without fail since his first birthday. He cried the whole time and then I accidentally snapped the birthday hat under his chin and made him cry. Wait a minute…are you saying this is MY fault? I hadn’t thought of that. Oh boy.


2 responses

  1. I’ve been really enjoying the blog. Makes me feel less alone. My stepson is 8yrs old now but he and Jack have alot in common.
    For lack of a better example here’s one of my favorite 6yr old moments: http://www.disabledmom.com/2010/07/not-exactly-spilled-milk.html


    January 29, 2011 at 12:02 pm

    • Thanks! I’m going to check out your link now. Isn’t it funny how boys all resemble each other deep down where it matters. And then the grow up to be “men”. LOL!


      January 29, 2011 at 8:31 pm

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