Is he reading my mind or vice versa?

I’ve had too many occurrences over the years, and I think it’s time to wonder out loud. Well, via blog, so not really out loud unless you’re reading this out loud, but you get the idea. At first I thought Jack was reading my mind. Of course moms and sons have a deep connection… well, moms and their kids in general I’m assuming. So maybe this is just a matter of knowing someone so well, and having created them (!), that you go beyond finishing each other’s sentences…you now finish their unspoken thoughts.

Then I started to believe that I was reading Jack’s thoughts because of the nature of the circumstances. Maybe it’s both. Let me know what you think, especially moms that have experienced it before.

First, we refer to my recent post about the 5 senses. This really happened so Jack definitely picked up on something I was thinking.

Then we have the few examples that stand out in my mind.

me: (Suddenly thinking about the color blue…why? I do not know.)

Jack: Mom, my favorite favorite color is BLUE! I just changed it from yellow this very second.

me: Hmmmm…


me: (sudden craving for cheese…like vicious!)

Jack: Oh I really want a snack of cheese mom…can you get it??

me: Jack, I was totally just thinking of cheese. Did you read my mind?

Jack: No, I just want cheese.

me: Hmmmm…


me: (Thinking: If Jack doesn’t want to finish those veggies I’m tossing them out) Hey Jack, are you done with these vegetables?

Jack: No! I want to finish them. (pause) Were you about to throw them out or something?

me: What makes you ask that?

Jack: I just thought it, that’s all.


There are tons other times that this has happened, so maybe it’s just part of being a parent. It’s just very funny when you realize that one of you knows exactly what the other is thinking.


2 thoughts on “Is he reading my mind or vice versa?”

  1. I can totally relate! I will be thinking about something any my little guy will ask about it. I’ll ask him, how did you know that? He’ll nonchalantly respond, “I dunno…”

    One day at work, I ate a cupcake from my favorite bakery. I TOTALLY enjoyed the cupcake, but kept it to myself because…well..I was supposed to be low carbing and…ya know. Anyhow, I got home and out of the blue my son asked me, “You had a good cupcake mommy?” WTF?? Total Twilight Zone music on that one.

    I think kids really are much more intuitive than we are because they are still so open to the world around them and haven’t programed to filter out the messages yet. I am constantly pointing out what seems to be psychic and mind reading situations that arise from my son to my family.


    1. If only we could keep our minds so clutter free. Ahhhhhhh. (As I type this from work under huge stress deadlines knowing I have to leave in 20 minutes to meet the school bus and get him a snack, do homework and then race off to tae kwon do.) But, we signed up for this. I must remember that. 🙂


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