The Big 6-Year Bash!

It seems like we’ve celebrated Jack’s birthday so many times already, and the party was just this afternoon. We had a family party last weekend, then Dennis and I celebrated with Jack on his actual birthday, (Jack also had a school party that day), and today we had the big BIG party with 30 of his closest friends. He’ll be on Facebook soon enough I’m sure. For now, they still pass notes.

Jack: How many hours til my party?

me: (checking the clock this morning) Uhh, about 3.

Jack: AAARRRRGHGHHHHH (clutching his throat) I can’t wait that long!!!!!

(20 minutes later)

Jack: NOW how long.

me: Sigh.

Everything went off without a hitch. The place we used (gymnastics) was awesome and very organized. I didn’t have to do much except mingle and take pictures (all blurry). We’re all exhausted though and it will be an early bedtime for everyone. Cats included.

I’m notorious for getting wall sockets and light switches in all of my photos. Let’s count and see what we come up with!

Waiting for the party!
Trying to balance...
Tarzan he is not
Bad Boys
The parachute!
And coming out from under the parachute with a thumbs up!
All of Jack's friends
The medal and t-shirt that Jack waited a whole year to receive
Goofy boys
And the goofiest boy!
Ed loves wrapping paper
Opening the mountain of presents. Wow.

And now…for the cake! Every year, our friend Linda outdoes herself. Last year’s cake was “off the hook yo!” and this year’s cake will be talked about until…well…until next year! Take a look at the gymnastics-themed cake with little people! All edible! It was a shame to cut into it.

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