What day is it again?

I had to ask myself, and others, that question a few times today. After 3 “snow” days at home with a child out of school…you start to lose track. Today I had to bring him in the office with me. If only for a change of scenery. And to get me out of sweats, and possibly showered.

Jack: Mom I’m gonna make you a book. Then can I play on one of the computers in the office that no one lives in?

me: Uh, okay. Sure. (he works for awhile) What book are you making?

Jack: Oh it’s soooo funny. Are you ready? (he holds up the cover, I presume)

me: What?

Jack: It SAYS “My name is cookie and I’m selling Helen”. Get it?

me: Not really. What?

Jack: (laughing out loud) Get it?? Her name is Helen and she’s selling cookies but I switched it around. Ha hahahaaaaaa!

me: Very clever.

Jack: Yeah I know. (He kept on working and laughing to himself periodically.)

Later when we went to Jack’s 6-year checkup I wasn’t in the least bit surprised to hear that he was running a slight temperature. “Has he been acting like his usual self?” the doctor asked. “Uh…not exactly, but sort of ?” I answered, thinking back to his very weird sense of humor. I looked over at Jack and noticed his droopy-eyed look and his flushed cheeks as he sat on the doctor’s table. “Well, it’s probably just the anxiety of coming here and getting a shot today. Keep an eye on it.” she said.

So, we’ll keep an eye on it. Jack had a little motrin before bed for the low-grade fever, plus he got a flu shot today and he’ll probably start feeling crappy tomorrow. Great, just in time for the weekend.


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