I couldn't possibly make this sh*t up.

Tootie Ta, Tootie Ta, Tootie Ta Ta

For some reason I remembered this song that Jack’s Kindergarten class used to sing. They performed it at their graduation. It was hilarious. I started singing it on the way home with Jack in the car.

Jack: Ugh, I hate that song!

me: You used to LOVE it! Remember?

Jack: I guess so…I’m too old to sing that now. (but after a few minutes he joins in and giggles along as he sings)

me: See? It’s so funny!

Jack: I miss Kindergarten…

me: Really? Awww.

Jack: Yeah, we used to do fun stuff and I miss my friends.

me: I know, that must be hard. Do you want to go back and visit again?

Jack: Yes! Can we?

me: Of course…I’ll let your teacher know we’re coming.

Jack: Remind her that I’m gonna be there for summer camp! I’m still going right?

me: Definitely.

Jack: Then I better let my teacher know that I won’t be in school this summer. I wonder what she’ll say to that!

me: Sweetie, your teacher goes home for the summer. There’s no school at all. Didn’t you know that?

Jack: Whaaaat? No school in the summer? I thought you were letting me leave to go to summer camp. Awwww…

me: Sorry. But either way you’ll have fun, so just think of that.

Jack: (I look back at him in the rear view mirror and see him shaking his head) I really need to know these things ahead of time Mom.


One response

  1. That’s hilarious! It’s funny how kids make up in their heads how they think things should go when actually we just hadn’t gotten around to telling them that part yet!


    February 7, 2011 at 10:33 pm

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