Year 2612

Jack: (reading an ultimate guide to superheros) Mom, when is the year 2612? How do you say that?

me: You said it right. 26, 12. It’s wayyy in the future.

Jack: It didn’t happen yet?

me: Not yet.

Jack: How many years do I have to wait?

me: Like 601 years.

Jack: (looks up wide-eyed) I won’t be alive then!

me: No you won’t. But maybe your children’s children’s children will have kids that are alive then.

Jack: I don’t know what you’re saying. I’ll be dead.

me: But you may have kids and then they’ll have kids and then THEY’LL have kids. So someone that’s related to you will be around in 2612, hopefully.

Jack: That means we’re all related to each other Mom. Everyone in the whole world!

me: Very nice thought, isn’t it?

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