“The man from the charity visited me”

Jack: I’m so excited! On Monday we get our charity bookmarks!

me: Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Are you excited that I let you buy one?

Jack: Yes! It has a heart on it for Valentine’s Day and the money helps people.

me: That’s good to know, isn’t it?

Jack: Yeah…and the man from the charity visited me today.

me: Oh wow, that’s nice. Did he talk to your class or something?

Jack: No. I said he visited ME!

me: As in, just you and no one else?

Jack: Yeah.

me: Why? How did that happen? Was it in your class?

Jack: It was because on my heart I wrote I was grateful for his family.

me: Huh?

Jack: We got to hang up hearts with what we’re grateful for on them.

me: Ohhhh, like you could put “I’m grateful for my Mom, or something…”? (hint hint)

Jack: Yeah, but I was grateful to his family for doing the charity, otherwise those people won’t have any money for food and stuff.

me: That’s really nice of you. How did he find you though? I’m confused.

Jack: He saw my heart and asked my teacher which one of us did that and she said it was me so he came and talked to me about how I was being nice and helping people.

me: Ohhh that must have made you feel really proud Jack. I’m glad he came to talk to you…that was really nice.

Jack: I know! It was a pretty good day.

me: Were there any other good parts?

Jack: Yeah, me and Wesley talked about how we’re gonna smash our trays tomorrow at lunch.

me: Wha—???

Jack: No, it’s okay Mom. They’re made out of styrofoam and it’s okay to jump on them.

me: Uh NOOO, how do you go from being so GOOD to being so disruptive. Do not jump on… (he walks away muttering to himself)

Jack: Gotta remember to wear my Sketchers tomorrow. Hard bottoms…

me: Grrrrr!

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