Punishment for Robbers

…aka Bad Guys. When a 6-year-old talks about bad guys, I think that is the cutest thing ever. It’s like when they say “base”. Like “I’m on base now, so you can’t get me!” or “This is base, this is base! I’m safe, you’re it!” as they grab onto the wall or couch. It’s all pretty much priceless in my book.

Jack: Why do we even have bad guys Mom?

me: Some people are not nice, so they’re bad. Like maybe they steal things or something like that.

Jack: Like robbers?

me: Exactly.

Jack: What do robbers even want?

me: To take your stuff.

Jack: But why. Why don’t they use their own stuff??

me: Okay. Mommy and Daddy work to make money. We need money to buy things like food and clothes and toys. Some bad guys don’t like to work. They’re lazy, but they want money to buy things, so they rob peoples houses to get stuff or money.

Jack: And if they get caught they go to jail.

me: Yeah. So we work very hard for our stuff and then someone comes along to take it from us. Very bad…

Jack: Instead of jail they should make the bad guys work harder than you do.

me: You mean like do my job? Hey, you may be on to something here.

Jack: Yeah, they have to do your job and you get to stay home! Wait, then they would make your money at work.

me: No, the rule should be that the robber has to do my work AND give the money to me. So that’s his punishment.

Jack: But what if he robs you and the police come but he’s on base when they get there. Does he still get arrested?

me: LOL!


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