Older, not necessarily wiser

I had an awesome post ready. Because Jack said some awesome sh*t. The bad thing is that I forgot what he said. The title was even great, but I didn’t do what I should have done. What I’ve started to do in recent months. Write a quick cheat sheet. Literally. Two or three words will help me remember something that I really really wanted to say. There’s more than enough material to choose from in a day, but usually something stands out. And then I forget what that something is. Like now. I also take naps. Sooo…

me: (talking to my brother on skype) You know, Jack is addicted to furry things.

John: He’s a what?

me: Ha! He’s a dick ted to furry things. He’s a dick. Ted to furry things.

John: (laughing) Yeah, I get it. He’s right behind you.

me: Oh, that’s okay, he’s not listening to me. Remember this? You’re a jack asteroids. Or did I used to say that with you? ASSteroids. Ass. Teroids.

John: Original.

Jack: ASS!

me/John: What?

John: Did he just say that?

Jack: ASS!

me: Jack, finish the word please. It’s Asteroids.

Jack: I’ll finish the other part tomorrow. I’ll try it in school too. That’s funny!

me: Oh no…

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