Ways to embarrass (emasculate?)

(Another one found in my drafts folder. sheesh, I’m on a roll with the no-posting!)

No I would never do it on purpose, but I think sometimes I’ve maybe made Jack feel like less of a stud than he thinks he is.

Example 1:

Jack: Can I help you drive the car up the driveway?

me: Here, sit on my lap and hold my hands. I’ll let you help me steer.

Jack: Wow, I’m learning to drive and I’m only 6!

me: No, I’m driving. You’re just holding my hands.

Jack: Sigh


Example 2:

(At the local pizza place after TKD class. Jack sees some of his friends chugging soda)

Jack: (sliding open the drink case) Yeah, I’ll just have a lemonade…

me: Put that back! We’re only picking up the pizza, not buying drinks. You have water in the car.

Jack: Sigh.

I did feel bad about that one later. I don’t think his friends cared either way.

Example 3:

Jack: Mom, let me go down the driveway to the bus by myself. You can follow me, but it’ll look like I’m going by myself.

me: No, just wait for me! We’re going together.

Jack: Sigh

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