Sugar buzzzz

Jack: Oh cool! You bought the frosted wheat cereal! I want that for breakfast.

me: Okay…

Jack: (after finishing the bowl) Can I have this 100 calorie oreo pack?

me: Sure… (It’s not even 7:30 a.m!) Here, eat over this plate while I go get dressed. Mommy and Daddy are leaving in a little while and Grandma is coming over.

(I come out a few minutes later)

me: Hey, where’d you get that munchkin?

Jack: Daddy… He said I can have two…

me: Oh geez, I think that’s enough.

Jack: (running around the room) It’s NEVERRRR enough. Hahahahahaaaaaa!

Dennis: Glad we’re leaving him with your Mom today.

me: Shhhhh!


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