I want you to be six years old

Oh boy. What a mess Jack and I were this afternoon. It all started when we went into the basement to play. I kept asking Jack for hugs. Then a kiss. Then a big super hug. So on and so forth.

Jack: Why are you just hugging me all the time?

me: (squishing him one more time) Because you’re squishy and I love you. And, you’re not gonna be 6 forever. Someday you’ll be huge and you won’t fit on my lap!

Jack: (stops hugging) Can I live here after I finish college?

me: You can live here forever if you want. Even until you’re as old as me.

Jack: No, even longer than that!

me: Whoa, when you’re my age, I’ll be 80!

Jack: (eyes suddenly well up and he starts to cry) Wahhh!!!

me: What?? What is it????

Jack: (keeps crying and hanging on me)

me: Hey, you have to tell me what’s wrong so I can help you…

Jack: I don’t want you to get old!!!!! (now he’s really sobbing)

me: (oh crap I had to go and say it…) Ohhh, it’s okay, we all get old. I promise I’ll be here a long time.

Jack: (slobbering on me now) But I have to get in as much time as I can with you nowwwwww. Waaahhhhhhhh!

me: (now I’m tearing up) Okay, calm down, I’m right here now. I’ll be with you a very long time Jack.

Jack: I just wish you were 6-years-old and we could be together forever.

me: Me too sweetie…

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