New Normal

We have a crazy schedule, as most of you know, and it’s getting busier all the time. Jack and I both take classes every other day. He’s in school all day. I work all (ahem) day. I’m training for the Tough Mudder Vermont in May…and now, he’s taken on the additional reading class on Tuesday mornings. Yikes. So I’ve noticed my trend to start posts at night…not complete them out of sheer exhaustion…and then finish them up in the morning and THEN sometimes forget to even post them. I appreciate your patience. It might change soon, or it might not. I mean, now I have to learn Russian before October! Crazy eh?

Jack: How about I quit this reading thing?

me: You’re the one that wanted to sign up, remember?

Jack: But I’d rather watch Despicable Me again.

me: I’m not letting you watch any more this morning anyway.

Jack: Sigh. Well, what if I don’t want to go anyway?

me: I’m bringing you to your class. If you want to quit, just tell the teacher that you want to quit and then tell him to give me a call.

Jack: Why?

me: Because it’s too early for school, and I’ll have to come get you

Jack: Sighhhh… I’ll just go to the class.

me: Are we gonna have this talk every week, or will you just be excited to go from now on?

Jack: We’ll probably have this talk every week. I know how I am.

me: Amen.

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