Remember the days when you had to literally do everything for your child? They couldn’t even feed themselves and had to poop in their own pants. I’ve noticed how, little by little, over the months and years, the things that used to be vital for Jack’s survival are now either done and over with, or handled by him directly. I do end up with extra time on my hands, which I of course fill up immediately with other things, but still…time on MY hands!

It started when we moved from bottles to sippy cups. I put away the bottle washing station and all the utensils. Then we had Jack potty trained. No more washing out the little messes in the potty chair. Jack then started dressing himself and brushing his teeth. I still check, but the big part of the job is all his. He takes showers by himself, baths are peripherally supervised, he even makes his own breakfast! We all know that he can manipulate the TV, DVD player, ROKU, Netflix, my computer, his iPod shuffle and many other gadgets as if he’s been doing it for years. And, he spends a LOT of time reading. So, I end up with more time to blab away on this blog! No, really, I now read with him, or balance the checkbook, or try to make a slightly more interesting dinner. I have TIME. And I’m not sure I want it now.

me: Good morning! What would you like for breakfast?

Jack: I already poured cereal and can you hand me my book?

me: (sulk) Ohhh… okay I’ll just get some cereal and eat with you.

Jack: grunt…

me: We’re a little late today, so after we eat let’s go right in and brush your hair and teeth and wash up, okay?

Jack: I can do it myself.

me: Oh. Then I’ll go pick out your clothes.

Jack: (doesn’t look up from his book, but does a point-point down at his body)

me: You’re dressed already?! Wow… I guess you’re really a big boy then. What is Mommy supposed to do with you now?? You’re doing it all!

Jack: You still have to wipe my butt.

me: Oh suuurrrrre. Why don’t you work on that little skill eh?

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