Spooky Splork

Jack: Is “stupid” still a bad word?

me: When you’re 6 it is.

Jack: Can I say “jerk”?

me: No

Jack: What about “dork”, is that bad? What does it mean?

me: It’s sort of like a geek, but it’s mean. You probably don’t want to go around calling your friends that.

jack: Can I say it at home?

me: No.

Jack: Sigh…

(next day)

Jack: Me and my friends made code words that really mean bad words, so then we won’t get in trouble.

me: Did you learn that from your book?

Jack: Yeah! Isn’t it funny?

me: So what did you come up with?

Jack: If I tell you then you’ll know the codes Mom!

me: I’m kind of hoping you wouldn’t use the code words in front of me because that would mean that you’re calling me a bad name.

Jack: Oh. Then if I ever say “spooky…” anything, just ignore it. heh heh.

me: Spooky? What does that stand for?

Jack: I don’t know what bad word it’s for, but it’s for the very worst kind of bad word that you could EVER think of. Like when you’re mad.

me: But you don’t know a word like that yet?

Jack: Not yet, but I think I’m really close to figuring it out.

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