When Jack was 3 he learned what BFF meant. Jack had a BFF in Room 3A of his preschool. Then he learned OMG from one of the teachers. He loved throwing letters around. We all know I love to say FYI before most of my sentences. Jack uses it now too: “fyi, I’ll be pooping”. So it doesn’t faze us. Therefore we shouldn’t have been surprised when he started making up his own abbreviations for things. It’s funny how that little mind works.

Jack: Ohhh WTF!!!

me and Dennis: ???

me: What’s that Jack?

Jack: I know what WTF means. That’s all.

me: (wtf??) Okaaayyy, so what does it mean?

Jack: Will that fall.

me: Ohhh! That’s it? haha. Whew.


Jack did it again at dinner. He ate like a wild animal and then couldn’t possibly finish the last bite. He groaned out loud.

Jack: Too fulllllll!!! (pushing his plate away) Now I’m F-A-F-A-F

me: Fafaf?

Jack: Nooooo. (he runs around the table and whispers loudly in my ear)

me: Say it don’t spray it!

Jack: Mommm! It means (whisper) Full and Fat and Furry…

me: Oh I didn’t get that. Can I tell Daddy?

Jack: (clamps his hand down on my mouth) NOOOO No Daddy. No!

me: Sheesh, why not.

Jack: NO!

me: Okay fine!

Dennis: I really didn’t care what it meant anyway, so we’re good.

me: LOL

1 thought on “LOL, WTF?”

  1. Hahahhaha! This post made me lol 🙂 new acronyms are popping everyday; maybe jack will be the inventor of some in the future! Haha


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