Don’t Nobody Move!

This note was slipped under the bathroom door today:

“Give me the money! Then we will talk!

Okay, so I was 3 weeks behind on Jack’s allowance and he was getting a little antsy for the 3 bucks. He reminded me that I had probably not given him his allowance since his birthday, but because neither of us could really remember, we settled on three weeks past due.

Jack: Plus I’ll take all the change in your wallet.

me: What kind of operation are you running over here? (as I dug through my loose change)

Jack: The best kind.

me: Here, do you want only quarters?

Jack: I’ll take whatever kind you have. Even pennies.

me: Do you know how much a quarter is worth?

Jack: 25 cents.

me: Do you know that 4 quarters equals a dollar?

Jack: Hey, that’s like when you cut my bagel in quarters! Now I get it!

me: That’s good, so try to remember that.

Jack: Enough with talking and more with giving me money. Pretend I’m the bank robber and I’m stealing my piggy bank and my allowance can. (he insisted on a can for his dollars)

me: Alright, you go upstairs and grab the money, and I’ll come up in a minute to catch you. (I do a few things and then head upstairs)

I can see that Jack is hiding under his covers, but seeing as it took me a few minutes to come upstairs, AND seeing as he woke up at 5:40 this morning, that little lump under the covers was not moving.

me: Heh Heh, I guess I’ll steal BOTH piggy banks!

Jack: ZZzzzz…

I gave him a few minutes and then tackled him.

Jack: Snort! Huh?

me: You were asleep. Do you want to play bank robber still, or take a nap?

Jack: No nap!

me: Do you remember how many quarters equal a dollar?

Jack: Yeah, yeah, 4, because it’s like my bagel. You don’t always have to teach me funny ways to remember things like dessert is spelled with 2 S’s because it’s “super sweet”. Sigh!

me: But you remembered it!

Jack: Oh…

me: Say it…

Jack: Okaaayyyy, Mommy’s always right. Sheesh.

me: Ha!

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