Little bit shizzled

The virus paid us a visit. We thought we were immune this time around! But no. Dennis and I haven’t shown any symptoms but Jack got a bit wrecked today. There were damages to undergarments, projectile plumes, and we’re still finding pieces of…stuff…under the washer. Let’s just say “Boy am I glad we didn’t actually get IN the car to go to the museum today!!” Hooo! About one more minute and we’d have a Subaru’s worst nightmare. Yeah, I got the cloth seats…

The clothes changed as they got trashed, but basically Jack stayed in one spot all day. The couch.




Jack: How much longer til bedtime?

me: 2 hours.

Jack: Really? It’s not 8 o’clock yet??

me: Nope. It’s only 6.

Jack: Good because I really want to finish this book before bed.

me: You’ve got time.

Jack: Can you sit here and watch me?

me: Watch you read?

Jack: Yeahhh…

me: Sure. Will that make you feel better?

Jack: Yeahhh…

me: Okay, let me know if you start to feel funny again.

Jack: Thanks. I love you.

me: Me too.

He rested his hot head back on the pillow and continued with the saga of Greg, Rowley and Roderick. I’m totally reading it when he’s finished!

8 thoughts on “Little bit shizzled”

  1. I have two sons. They are 11 and 7 years old and both enjoyed the movie. The only thing I think MIGHT be “objectionable” is a reference to a magazine with scantily clad women. But it wasn’t anything I found to be offensive and we’re pretty conservative when it comes to kids movies.


  2. Still haven’t seen the movies yet! Though my friend gave me DOaWK 2 on disc the other day. I’ll probably “screen” them first, ha ha. Jack is now into the Do it yourself Wimpy Kid diary. He LOVES it. 🙂


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