I couldn't possibly make this sh*t up.

The Maths

Jack: What’s 60 + 60?

me: 120. Just take off the zero and do 6 + 6 then add back the zero.

Jack: ?

me: What’s 6 + 6?

Jack: 12

me: Add back the zero

Jack: 1,200

me: But you don’t say it like that. Write it down. 120.

Jack: Ohhhh one hundred and twenty.

me: Yes! (maybe he’ll be math smart too?)

Jack: But if 50 + 50 is one hundred, then how come 60 + 60 isn’t 300?

me: Uhhh…  Because it’s 120.

Jack: Oh

me: 150 + 150 is 300. So if you have 50 + 50 and that makes one hundred…you just add 10 to each side, so that’s 60 + 60. Or you can add 20 to the original hundred and that’s 120. (I’m losing him)

Jack: So if I want to add 150 + 150, just take off the zeros right?

me: Okay, try it and see what you get.

Jack: 15 + 15. And that equals 30. Then you add a zero to make 300.

me: Perfect!

Jack: Ohhh now I get math. To make the BIG numbers you have to MINUS stuff first! That’s easy!

me: That’s not exactly it… Why don’t you go READ something.


One response

  1. This sounds like an afternoon at my house. Don’t tell him “You go faster if you say them quieter” it’ll just confuse him. (:


    March 8, 2011 at 9:43 am

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