Goodbye Mr. Thumb? For Real?

Jack: Mom, can we go to the dentist on Friday?

me: Why? You’re appointment is not for a few months or so…

Jack: Look at my thumb sucking chart! I’m almost up to 3 weeks with no sucking!

me: Well, they weren’t consecutive days…

Jack: What??

me: All in a row, I mean.

Jack: Well I want to get a prize from the dentist. You have to not suck for 3 weeks.

me: Can you keep going?

Jack: I haven’t sucked my thumb all this week or even last week.

me: Wow. I knew you were doing really excellent with stopping, but I didn’t know it was so…final.

Jack: I just pretend my thumb is dirty and then I don’t even want to put it in my mouth.

me: That’s really good Jack.

Jack: Or I don’t hold Stripey. (He looks a little sad for a moment and it kills me)

me: Do you miss sucking your thumb?

Jack: Yeah sometimes. It’s hard to fall asleep.

me: You know, I hear you up there singing and stuff. Is that why you’re not quiet anymore? Daddy and I were wondering about that.

Jack: I roll around a lot. And then I count sheep. I got up to 221 sheep once!

me: That’s a lot of sheep.

Jack: Yeah… Will I ever want to suck my thumb again?

me: If you quit now, then I don’t think so sweetie.

He looks a bit sad again and I can tell he’s thinking about it. Here I’ve been worrying that he WON’T stop sucking his thumb and then he goes and figures it out on his own, without my even really being aware of it. I’m not sure how I feel about that. About him growing up and losing his one biggest comfort. These past few weeks have been difficult for Jack at school also, more than usual I mean. So I’m sure this is part of the change he’s going through as he matures. It’s still amazing to see this perfect little boy and what he’s gone through to get where he is right now. And then to imagine all of the things he has waiting for him down the road. I can’t think about it now. Denial. And my pasta water’s boiling.


3 thoughts on “Goodbye Mr. Thumb? For Real?”

  1. I feel that every milestone. When they need to move on I get anxious, worry and reasearch the best way to make a transition. In the end they come to it in their own time, their way. I’m never 100% proud and relieved I’m always a little sad.


    1. As a side note, Jack was going to bed tonight and was extra tired. He was asking me if it was okay to suck his thumb, because he had 21 days under his belt. I told him it was his thumb and I couldn’t stop him. I said to think about your big boy teeth and how nice we want them to be. I heard a lot of sighing, and I’ll find out in the morning if he did succumb to the pressure. But he was asleep quickly and probably didn’t have much “suck” time. LOL!


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