Sit on my lap dammit!

I didn’t actually SAY those words, but I was thinking them the other night, when after 3 nights in a row Jack said “Eh, you don’t have to read me a bedtime story. I’ll just read by myself for awhile”.  I sat on the floor next to him and watched him read. He was in MY chair! I’ve been sitting in this chair for 6 years! For bottle feedings, scary dream soothings, story time, nap time, and countless other times. It was very surreal.

me: Are you SURE you don’t want me to read to you?

Jack: grunt…

me: Jack?

Jack: (patiently puts his book down and looks at me) I said you don’t have to. You’re being distracting.

me: Oh. (sulk)

I did sit with him for an extended amount of time after he climbed into bed. He cuddled with his “friends”. The thumb didn’t wander towards his mouth. I noticed how the lump under the blankets is so much longer than it used to be. Sigghhh…

Jack: You sighed. Does that mean you’re bored?

me: No! Not at all. I was just missing our story time. I like to read to you.

Jack: But I know how to read.

me: I know, but it’s a special time for me, that’s all.

Jack: Do you want to read to me tomorrow at breakfast?

me: Like at the counter? haha.

Jack: I don’t know.

me: I’m okay. You’re just a big boy, that’s all. Goodnight.

This morning I pulled out a book and tried to read to Jack at breakfast. Jack said he’d already read those stories and was more interested in finding a book that he could read on the bus. That’s his new favorite thing. I used to be just like that when I was 6. Though I walked to school until Junior High, but anyway…

Okay, I had to get that off my chest. Glad you could listen. He’s totally sitting on my lap in that chair tonight dammit!

3 thoughts on “Sit on my lap dammit!”

  1. I vote for over-kill when it comes to letting kids do anything on their own. Assuming he can lift the book, give Jack War & Peace to work on.


    1. Holy cow, I couldn’t even imagine! No way Jack could get through that… We’re reading Prince Caspian together, but I have to explain a lot of it. BTW I LOVE the Hitchhiker’s Guide…especially the movie with Sam Rockwell…Awesome!


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