Lego Princess

Jack: You know what’s the worst about girls?

me: No I don’t. But you’re gonna tell me?

Jack: They like pink things. And boys HATE pink.

me: Why do you think that is. I mean, pink is just a color.

Jack: But it’s a color that girls like. So that’s why.

me: Oh. I don’t really like pink.

Jack: (ignoring me) And you know what else is the WORST. I mean, this is just crazier than my life!

me: (I love when he says that…) What’s the worst?

Jack: Girls like princesses and they’re NOT EVEN REAL! Ha ha ha haaa!

me: Well…

Jack: (interrupts) And boys like Lego Guys and THEY ARE REAL! So we’re better.

me: What if they make Lego Princesses?

Jack: That’ll never happen. Don’t try to distract me.

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