Ma ma ma Megamind

Jack and I were at my office and I desperately needed to get a couple emails out. Of course Jack couldn’t amuse himself for one second.

Jack: What can I doooooo?

me: (type type type) I dunno… go look in that toy drawer…

Jack: BO-ring!

me: Walk around and bother people.

Jack: No one’s here!

me: Oh. I have to finish this Jack, or else we’ll be here all night.

Jack: What are you doing?

me: Typing a few emals.

Jack: How are you looking at me and still typing?

me: Lots and lots of practice.

Jack: Whoaaaa…

I decide to look at Jack and type him a message, so I tell him to watch the screen. I type out “My name is Jack and I don’t know how to type anything but my Mom can type without looking”.

Jack: How are you DOING that?? Are you typing my thoughts???

me: Ha ha, no. I’m just typing something funny while you watch. (I make sure to delete the line of type in my email so that my client doesn’t think I’ve gone mad)

Jack: Can you do it again?

me: Sure. (I type out “I’m hungry, I have to go home for dinner soon!)

Jack: Ha hahaha, now I’m reading your thoughts.

me: Jack I’m typing that. Don’t you get it?

Jack: Don’t lie, no one can type without looking at the screen.

me: Sigh…

And didn’t I think it was odd that the very next day my client apologized for keeping me at work late…because…I forgot to delete that last line from my email. Just kidding. I’m not that brain dead. Though very close I tell you!

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