Guitar Hero

Jack LOVES music. Loves to listen to the radio, listen to his favorite CDs (Queen is still on his short list), and loves to listen to Kidz Bop CDs and sing along. Some of those songs aren’t bad! Uh-oh, who am I?

We were in the car and Jack requested his favorite “CD number 4, song number 3 MOM!!”. Yeah okay. He starts singing along and using a little toy puzzle as a drum set.

Jack: Look, I’m playing all 7…(counts to himself) no, 6 instruments. There’s only 6.

me: I can’t look because I’m driving. (but of course I peek in the mirror). Can you name the instruments?

Jack: There all the regular ones of course. Guitar, drums, trumpet, violin and…tuba and…piano.

me: You’re playing all that??

Jack: Shush, you’re being distracting. (he proceeded to close his eyes, start singing and flailing his arms around)

me: Sorry.

This afternoon we were out in the driveway playing cops and robbers. Jack pretended to be a speeder on his bike and I threw him in jail. There was the big “escape” of course. Jack was proud of himself. Then he pretended to disguise himself so I wouldn’t know he was the escapee.

me: Heyyy, you look kinda familiar. Do I know you?

Jack: Noooo.

me: Hmmm, what’s your name?

Jack: (long pause) Jackson.

me: Funny, I had a Jack in here earlier and he escaped. You know anything about that?

Jack: No, I’m just sweeping up this mess. (he pushed the broom around the driveway)

me: He kinda looked like you. How old are you anyway?

Jack: … 17 …

me: Oh, this other guy was younger I think. What grade are you in? (I was hoping he would slip and say “1st” and I could catch him)

Jack: … uh 12th…

me: Wow you’re good. I mean, oh really? What’s your last name?

Jack: Rocker.

me: Jackson Rocker huh? Now where did that name come from.

Jack: I’m in a band. I play all the instruments at one time.

me: Like a one man band?

Jack: Yeah.

me: Now that’s even funnier because I just had a Jack in my car that played all 6 instruments at one time. Are you the same guy?

Jack: Mommmmmm! Stop fishing around for stuff … can we just playyyyyy???

me: See, you cracked under pressure. (I laughed and he got mad) How did you break out of my jail?

Jack: I had a jack drill.

me: You mean a jack hammer?

Jack: Sighhhh…Can we play something else?

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